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NO junk banner ads!

We offer targeted advertising on the pages that matter most to your business.

Answers to Your Questions

Why do banner ads suck so bad?

Banner ads target everyone who visits a site, so you are spending your budget on people who can’t or won’t ever buy your product.

Also, banner ad spaces on a site have to be generic, to handle all kinds of ads, so they are stuck off on the side or in a footer, where they are easily ignored.

Our ads are totally different!

How many visitors do your pages get?

How many do you want?

Would you rather pay for 10,000 views from people around the world, or 1,000 from  DMV? Would you rather pay for 1,000 views from people who can’t buy from you, or 100 people ready to buy from you now?

Because we are running our own advertising campaigns, which includes social media, SEO and paid advertising, we are good at getting traffic. Wouldn’t you love to have us on our team getting that traffic for you?

We have in-house marketers. If you want views, we can get you views. If you want targeted customers, we can almost certainly get you those too. Talk to us and let’s get you set up with useful traffic.

What makes our ads BETTER?

Ads on MDgarden.Club match the page they are on. For instance, our page on local Happy Hours shows up in Google for local happy hours, which means it gets traffic from people looking for local happy hours and they see YOUR AD for your local happy hour.

Because we are matching ads to the best traffic, we don’t have to hide your ad off to the side. You get the prime real estate, the prime exposure, and the best traffic, because we do advertising right!

Does your site compete with my site in search engines?

Our sites are considered media sites or directories in the search engines. And your site is considered a business site. Search engines try and keep a mix of businesses sites, media sites, directories, maps, etc. on each search results page. We are more likely to replace a directory page in search results, like yelp.

HOWEVER! We are already targeting local service and shopping terms with content, SEO and our own advertising campaigns. Wouldn’t you rather have us advertising your product instead of your competitors?

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