The National Aquarium in Baltimore

by | Jun 30, 2019

The National Aquarium in Baltimore never fails to disappoint! Last week I had friends visiting from out out of town, so of course I had to take them to see the best of Baltimore, and that includes the aquarium. 

When you first enter the main atrium of the aquarium, you are greeted by a huge tank called the Blacktip Reef. It takes up nearly the whole floor, and is a stunning realistic display of a Indo-Pacific reef. As you explore the aquarium further, you continue your journey upwards, and this massive tank remains a focal point for your trip.

One of the most famous residents of this tank is Calypso. She is a rescued green sea turtle, and is missing one of her front flippers, and cannot be released back into the wild. But at the aquarium, she has a happy life, and lots of adoring fans!

Can’t Miss Exhibits at the National Aquarium 

  • Blacktip Reef & Calypso
  • Rain Forest
  • Australia
  • Chesapeake Watershed Floor
  • Sharks 






    Explore the Amazon

    Another fun exhibit is a veeeeeeery long tank showcasing the Amazon river. It has monster fish, and a resident cayman!

    National Aquarium of Baltimore Photos


    National Aquarium of Baltimore Photos


    National Aquarium of Baltimore Discount

    I can’t recommend a membership to the National Aquarium enough! It pays for itself in two visits. You’ll also receive invitations to special member only events and nights. They make it feel like you have the whole aquarium to yourself.

    National Aquarium in Baltimore Hours


    MON – THU 9 am–5 pm

    FRI 9 am–8 pm

    SAT 9 am–6 pm

    SUN 9 am–5 pm

    The National Aquarium in Balitimore does change its hours according to the season as well as for special events. You can check their current hours on their website here: