Union Collective: Indulgence Without The Guilt

by | Dec 6, 2019

Nestled in the neighborhood of Hampden in Baltimore is the Union Collective. Named after the local favorite brewery, Union Craft Brewing, this collection of Maryland local businesses provides a great place to spend an afternoon. The building is a former Sears warehouse, and has been transformed into a industrial chic mall, which lends to a fun atmosphere! 

There are currently 5 Baltimore businesses that call the Union Collective home,

  • Union Craft Brewing
  • Well Crafted Kitchen
  • Earth Treks
  • Baltimore Spirits Company
  • The Charmery
  • Vent Coffee Roasters



Union Craft Brewing

An article about Union Collective wouldn’t be complete without talking about Union Craft Brewing. Featuring 15 of their beers (and a few ciders) on tap, and more available in cans, there is something for everyone at this brewery.

Hungry? Good, because they have partnered with Well Crafted Kitchen to bring you artisan pizza and other high class snacks. 

The brewery has a huge space, complete with a stage that is frequented by local DJs and bands. They host events from crafts (complete with beer) and community charity events.


Earth Treks

Earth Treks is one classy gym! As a testimony to the growing popularity of climbing, it is going to be a new Olympic sport in Tokyo 2020. While difficult to master, it’s easy to begin. Just rent a pair of shoes (or wear your most slender sneakers) and hit the bouldering wall (relatively shorter walls that you can safely climb solo) at the Earth Treks at the Union Collective. They also have weights and cardio machines for a well rounded workout.

This is a great way to start your visit to Union Collective. Come for a workout, then treat yourself to their other offerings!

Baltimore Spirits Company


Baltimore Spirits Company, the purveyor of designer spirits in the heart of Baltimore. They combine state of the art with old world distilling to bring artisan spirits such as Epoch Straight Rye Whiskey, Shot Tower Barreled Gin, and Ginger Apple Liqueur, to name only a few. Come and taste a flight, or order one of their speciality cocktails.

The Charmery

Super premium ice cream is born at The Charmery. The business is a project of love of husband and wife owners David and Laura Alima. They take pride in using only the best ingredients prioritizing buying from local farmers. They have locations on 36th Ave in Hampden, and a new location in Towson. But the magic making happens at the their Ice Cream Factory in The Union Collective. Not only do they make ice cream, they also make sodas, so when you order an ice cream float, it has all been made by the loving folks at The Charmery!

Vent Coffee Roasters

In addition to making great coffee, Vent Coffee Roasters goes out of it’s way to source their coffee from sustainable farmers who pay fair wages. 

All of their beans are roasted on location at the Union Collective. Come in and enjoy a cup in their beautiful store, or take home freshly roasted beans to have at home!